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U15 Girls Select - Weekly Message - PLEASE REPLY
by posted 04/06/2020

Hello U15 Girls Select Team:
Just a quick note to touch base this week. Read on and please reply ...

- Training this week

The girls should be following the at-home plan, and, hopefully, they are progressing accordingly. Specifically, for this week the training sessions should be as follows

2 sessions at least (Tu/Th); 3 sessions if possible (Tu/Th/Sat)

Warm-up - 15 min following the familiar KNVB dynaimic stretching and static YOGA stretching

Agility/Coordination - 20 minutes of agility 'ladder' exercices. Do two times each of the exercies in the video with ~20 sec rest in between; keep intensity high. Vary the seuence of exercises and do enough to fill the 15 minutes allocation for this.

Ball Mastery - 20 minutes of the progressions of exercises in video. At this point target ~60 touches per exercise, twice each exercise with 30 seconds rest in between each set. 

Explosivity Preparation - 7 sprints, 50 yards each at 70% speed; 50 sec rest in between sprints. This should take ~10 minutes total

3-mile runs - At least once, hopefully 2-times, on days off from the other training. Find a good pace to finish without stopping, and see if you can increase the pace gradually in the next run. 


I would like you to send me a quick reply with the status of at-home training. PLEASE SEND A RESPONSE with where you are with the training. What have you done? Are you preogressing? Do you have any questions? 

Thank you; stay active and healthy. 

Coach Ramon






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U15 Girls Select - At Home Training + Challenge
by posted 03/28/2020

Hello U15 Girls Select Team:
Quick follow on training at home with a 'team challenge' (actually an opportunity :)). Please read on...

- Attahced is the training at home plan again with small corrections; please follow as indicated. All of you should have receibed the accompanying video that illustrates agility/coordination and ball mastery activities; watch the video as needed. 

- Team Challenge (Opportunity) - The first week when we get back to training as a team we will have a timed 2-mile run to measure the performance of every player. If the entire team satisfies the following criteria

- The entire team participates; yes, every single player must be in the run, and ...

- At least 1/4 of the team finishes in 14 minutes or less, and ...

- At least 1/2 of the team finishes in 16 minutes or less, and ...

- All players finish in 18 minutes or less

Then, we will have a team cook-out at Coach Ramon's for the team at a suitable time during the summer. 

I hope all the girls actively put the plan into practice. 

Stay safe and healthy, and let me know if you have any quesiions or issues with the video, etc. 

Coach Ramon


Spring At Home Training Plan

All the following activities should be suitable to be done individually or with a partner if somebody within the family can help (perhaps a sibling, parent :)). Do at least twice (three times is better) a week (e.g. Tu/Thu/Sat). The activities should be well known to all of the girls, and minimum or no equipment is needed; see short video at the provided link to help understand and execute the activities. Minimize down time in between activities to keep good intensity throughout. Total time should be ~1hr and 15min for a session

Warm-up: 5-10 min static stretching with the team Yoga sequence; 10-15 min. Dynamic stretching with the KNBV routine, two times each exercise; be creative for those moves that require a partner if you have to do it on your own. Use cones if you have or anything else available to you; if nothing available, ‘visualize’ the cones in your head.

Agility/Coordination: 15-20 min. Use an agility ladder if available; alternatively, draw an ‘agility ladder’ on the driveway with chalk (a la hopscotch). Two/three times each move. Vary the sequence to fill the 15-20 minutes; take rests as needed, but keep high intensity as much as you can. 

High knees forward; high knees lateral to right, to left; ‘Icky’ shuffle forward; ‘icky’ shuffle backwards; lateral in/out to left, to right; in/out forward; in/out backward; lateral scissor hops to left, to right; hopscotch forward; hopscotch backwards; single leg hops left only, right only; slalom jumps; double slalom jumps; lateral scissors with lunges to the left, to the right. 
Ball Mastery: 15-20 min. I-soccer like moves. Use cone as opponent or partner with no pressure, or limited pressure only. Start with 50 ball touches with each move, twice each move. Increase to 60, 70, … touches as you get better. Take ~30 sec rest in between sets if no partner; rest alternating with partner if you have one. 
Pull/push with laces; side-to-side with right foot only, left foot only; side-to-side using both feet; size-to-side drag; v-figure drag. 
Dribble and drag turn away from (passive) defender (partner or cone)
Dribble and drag around (semi passive) defender/partner (passive cone if no partner); do lean/take fake, scissors, anything else creative instead of ball drag. 

Explosivity Preparation Exercises: 10-15 min. Long sprints gradually becoming shorter and higher reps to build hamstrings and thighs for explosive action; essential to avoid muscle injuries once we get into real soccer games. Start with longest distance/lowest reps; move to shorter distance/higher reps every week as you make progress.

6 sprints, 60 yards, 60% speed, 60 sec rest in between
7 sprints, 50 yards, 70% speed, 50 sec rest in between
8 sprints, 40 yards, 80% speed, 40 sec rest in between
9 sprints, 30 yards, 90% speed, 30 sec rest in between
10 sprints, 20 yards, 100% speed, 20 sec rest in between
In -Between Training: For those days between ‘trainings’, do a 3 mile run starting with ~12 min/mile pace or slower if you need (some will be able to go much faster); however, try to run without stopping to help build aerobic capacity. Keep same distance but increase pace as you progress. Two runs a week would be a great complement to the other activities. 
Soccer On TV: Finally, watch soccer games on TV. There are plenty of games being replayed currently from the Women and Men World Cups and other high level competitions; watch some of these as time permits. 

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